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Lift and Leveling Kits


If you’re looking to improve your truck’s off-road durability, or simply add aesthetic value to your vehicle, a lifting or leveling kit might be for you. These modifications are used to create more space between the body of your vehicle and its wheels, which can help to preserve the underbelly of your truck from damage and debris. We're more than happy to get your vehicle set up and on the road at any of our locations: Scottsdale, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, Anthem, AZ, Cave Creek, AZ, Paradise Valley, AZ

Lift and Level Kits in Scottsdale, AZ

Lifting or Leveling?

Is there a difference between lifting and leveling? Yes, and it’s important to know the difference before buying your modification kit.

Leveling is used to create balance in the body of the vehicle when there is an uneven weight distribution. There is an average height increase of 1-2 inches when you use a leveling kit, as its purpose is to raise the front level of the truck to match its back end. Since leveling is less extreme than lifting, it is much easier to use a leveling kit, and also less expensive, than a lift kit. Usually, only spring spacers or torsion keys are required to level your truck, and while you may need to purchase slightly larger tires to drive your leveled vehicle effectively, it is unlikely to change the amount of fuel your truck consumes to drive it.

Lifting can be a bit more extreme than leveling, as it allows for a customization with the truck’s suspension system and its height. This customized approach gives you the chance to be a bit more creative with your vehicle’s appearance, in terms of height. However, since the system is more complex and requires more parts to make it work properly, the installation process can be more challenging, and may require a more experienced hand to implement it safely. While most drivers who use extremely modified lifts are doing it for cosmetic purposes, a more moderate lift is a practical addition for those who enjoy riding in a rugged environment. It is also important to note that, if you decide to lift your truck, you will need to purchase heavier tires to bear the shift in weight, alongside the increased exposure to wind resistance. These additional drags on your vehicle also require more fuel to power your truck, which can be a real hit to your pocket-book. However, the added benefits of a lifted vehicle are well worth it to those who love the style, and the life-style, that accompany this classic mod.

If you are someone who is eager to get the most out of your vehicle’s potential, either from a visual or functional stand-point, a leveling or lifting kit might be exactly what you are looking for. These modifications can completely change the way your truck looks on the road and drives in extreme circumstances, and it can be a wonderful addition to your driving experience. When you’re ready to start lifting, or leveling, come on over to C&R Tire and we’ll get you fixed up and on your way!

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